Getting started


Every time we release a new update, you can access the new files by your Receipt, Email, or account.

How to get new updates?

There are a few ways you can get the new files.


After the purchase, you will get a receipt with the files. You can access the files by clicking the Download content button. Make sure to save this email and add us to your email contacts so you won't skip future updates and announcements. Also, make sure you don't accidentally unsubscribe from our email list of customers because we won't be able to notify you about the new stuff if you do. However, if you unsubscribe, you can still access the latest files via the receipt you got after the purchase. If you don't have the receipt, contact us with your customer email, and we will resend it to you.


Each time I release a new update, I email everyone who purchased the product. The new files will be available in the attachment. Make sure you don't accidentally unsubscribe from our email list of customers because if you do, we won't be able to notify you about new updates or announcements. If you are unsubscribed, you can subscribe again in the footer of this page.

Lemon Squeezy

Alternatively, you can create a Lemon Squeezy account after the purchase. With the account, you can access your purchases anytime through your Orders library. Find Ant Design System in your library - the new files will be there.

Is it possible to update my existing project to the new Ant Design System for Figma version?

When working on Ant Design projects, it is best to stick with the version of the Ant Design System for Figma that you initially used. Updating to a newer version is difficult because Figma handles each file separately, so you would need to manually move all new components and tokens from the new version to the old version. This process becomes even more complex if you have modified the tokens or added your own components in the old version. Therefore, it is recommended to use new versions only for new projects.

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