Getting started

After the purchase

Thank you for your support and for choosing Ant Design System for Figma! Follow the simple steps below to learn how to get started.

Receipt and files

After the purchase, you will get an email with the receipt from me (Matt Wierzbicki - with the file. Check your inbox folders (also make sure to look in spam too because sometimes email providers don't deliver emails from Gumroad correctly). It should be there!

Payment and invoicing

I'm selling my products via Gumroad. After the purchase, your bank will display a charge from Gumroad - please inform your accounting so they can identify your payment. If you need an invoice, you can easily generate it by clicking Generate button in the email. Here's a short tutorial on how to Generate an invoice.

Download and unzip the file

You can view the .zip file by clicking the View content button in the email. Then, you can download it by clicking the Download button in the files section. Then, unzip the files. Once you have unzipped the files, proceed to the next guide: Import the file to Figma.

Share your experience

A 5-star rating from awesome customers like you help others to feel confident about choosing Ant Design System too. Could you take a few seconds to share your happy experiences? You can leave a 5-star rating after clicking the View content button in your email or via your Gumroad library. You can also contact me with your review - I will be happy to add it to my website. I will be forever grateful. Thank you in advance for helping me out!

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