Premium Package

Get lifetime access to our Figma resources and updates

When you choose our Premium Package, you gain unlimited access to our extensive collection of Figma resources. This includes every UI Kit, a growing collection of templates, Theme Buddy Plugin, and all future updates for these resources.

What's included

Extra features

On top of all resources you get you also receive lifetime access to our updates, bonus access to previous Ant Design System for Figma versions and Theme Buddy plugin. The best part? There's no need for any recurring subscriptions or additional payments for updates. With just one payment, you'll unlock all our premium resources, and they will remain accessible to you forever.

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Theme Buddy Plugin

Get lifetime access to our Figma Plugin that will allow you to copy theme settings from Figma and use it in your Ant Design of React project.

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Lifetime Access to Free Updates

Premium Package offers lifetime access to free updates. Whenever there is a major update to Ant Design or Figma, we send updated files straight to your inbox and Lemon Squeezy account.

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Bonus Access to Previous Versions

You get previous file versions of Ant Design System for Figma built on top of earlier versions of Ant Design of React.

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Figma Tokens Sync

Get access to Figma Tokens Sync a special feature we built on top of the Figma Tokens plugin that will allow you to sync Ant Design System for Figma 5.9 with your Ant Design of React project.

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No Subscription

All licenses are a one-time purchase and we’ll never charge you again after the initial payment.

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Unlimited Projects

Enjoy the freedom of using our resources across multiple personal and commercial projects, for multiple clients without limitations.

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Easy customization

Our resources are designed with ease of customization in mind. Switch from the default styling to your own unique look in just a matter of minutes.

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Speed up your design and development process

Stop wasting time on creating everything from scratch for every new project you start. Use pixel-perfect and handcrafted elements to design and implement your next Ant Designs app efficiently.