Ant Design Vue for Figma

Elevate your workflow with Ant Design Vue for Figma

Ant Design Vue for Figma is a comprehensive UI kit designed to bring powerful and versatile Ant Design Vue components directly into your Figma design workflow. Crafted for individual designers and collaborative teams, this kit simplifies and accelerates the creation of consistent, high-quality user interfaces.

Ant Design Vue Components

Stop making components from scratch and save time by creating beautiful, functional user interfaces. This Figma UI kit includes essential UX/UI components such as:

  • Buttons
  • Forms
  • Navigation bars
  • Dialogs
  • Tables
  • Cards
  • And more

All components adhere to Ant Design Vue (version 4.2+) specifications, enhancing functionality while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Ant Design Vue for Figma Dashboard

Customize to Match Your Needs

Built with Figma variables, you can easily tailor components to meet your specific project needs. Modify:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Sizes
  • Radii
  • Component variables

Ensure your designs align perfectly with your brand identity or project requirements.

Ant Design Vue for Figma Dashboard

Speed Up Your Workflow with the Best Figma Features

Leverage Figma’s advanced features with our UI kit:

  • Auto Layout: Ensures responsive design elements.
  • Variants: Manage different component states easily.
  • Interactive Components: Add interactive elements for better user prototyping.

Enjoy a smooth and intuitive design process that fully utilizes Figma’s potential.

Ant Design Vue for Figma Dashboard Example

Build Whatever You Want

Ant Design Vue for Figma is ideal for:

  • Web applications
  • Admin dashboards
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Internal tools

Whether starting new projects or enhancing existing ones, our UI kit provides the vital tools needed for various design scenarios.

Ant Design Vue for Figma Login Screen Example

Enhance Team Collaboration

Ensure your design team operates seamlessly with a unified design language. Benefits include:

  • Standardized components for clear communication.
  • Minimized errors.
  • Streamlined project management.

Achieve cohesive and impressive design outputs that delight stakeholders and users alike.

Simplify Developer Handoff

Bridge the gap between design and development. Our Figma UI kit includes detailed and consistent design specifications, making the handoff process smooth and hassle-free. Benefits include:

  • Clear guidelines for developers.
  • Swift translation of design vision into functional products.
  • Reduced misunderstandings and rework.

Learn with Comprehensive Documentation

Ant Design Vue for Figma includes detailed documentation to ensure you fully utilize your UI kit. Discover:

  • How to customize styles and components.
  • Best practices for maximizing your design tools.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re confident you’ll love Ant Design Vue for Figma. If you’re not fully satisfied within 14 days of your purchase, we offer a full refund. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Ant Design Vue for Figma
Ant Design Vue for Figma
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    4000+ Ant Design Vue components
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    2000+ Figma Variables
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    800+ Ant Design Icons
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