Ant Design Mobile for Figma

Design mobile web apps in Figma like a pro

The powerful UI kit with mobile components for Figma based on the Ant Design Mobile library. Create mobile designs in no time.

Speed up your design process

The UI kit includes hundreds of mobile components that you can use in almost every scenario of mobile app design based on Ant Design mobile library.

Handcrafted Components

From buttons, checkboxes, and switches to more complex components - there are elements for every scenario in the modern mobile app design.

Ant Design Mobile for Figma

Ready to use

Use well-organized Figma components built from scratch. You can quickly grab them from the assets panel and use them in your designs.

Beginner friendly

Most of the components were built with auto layout and variants, making them easy to maintain and more intuitive to use.

Apply Your Style

Whenever you change a style's properties - Figma will apply those changes to any objects using that style.

Modify with Ease

Thanks to a well-thought component structure, you can add your components or modify existing ones with ease.

Bring your ideas to life

The UI kit was built on the principles of Ant Design Mobile and optimized for Figma. Save hundreds of hours and use the library to have your projects developed. The system is frequently updated and used by the best companies.

Handcrafted to your needs

The UI kit was built to support you at every stage of your product development process and improve your workflow

  • UI Designers - Use the library of UI components and styles to deliver your work faster.
  • Teams - Avoid misunderstandings in communication thanks to the well-organized library.
  • Developers - Test how your UI will look before coding it - without relying on designers.
  • Entrepreneurs - Design and prototype a new idea with a set of ready components.
  • UX Designers - Create quick high-fidelity prototypes and test them with your users.
  • Beginners & Students - Explore how the professional design system is built and get better at designing & prototyping.
Ant Design Mobile for Figma
Ant Design Mobile for Figma
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    53 Components with multiple Variants
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    31 Figma styles
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    152 Icons
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    Auto layout 4.0
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