Introduction to Figma Tokens

Ant Design System for Figma (version 2.5 and above) takes full advantage of the Figma Tokens plugin, allowing you to change the style of the entire UI kit in a few minutes.

What is Figma Tokens?

Figma Tokens is a Figma Plugin allowing you to integrate Tokens into your Figma designs. It gives you reusable tokens that can be used for a whole range of design options, from border radii or spacer units to semantic color and typography styles. It allows you to change tokens and see these changes applied to the whole document or its styles.

How to install the Figma Tokens plugin?

Before you start working with Ant Design System for Figma, make sure to install the Figma Tokens plugin so you can access and customize the UI kit easily. To install the plugin, click on the Try it out button in the top right corner of the Figma Community file.

Do I need a pro version of the Figma Tokens plugin?

No. All features available in Ant Design System for Figma will work with the free version of the Figma Tokens plugin. However, you should definitely check out the pro version because it allows for GitHub branch switching.

Learn more about Figma Tokens

If you are interested in exploring all features available in the Figma Tokens plugin, you should visit their documentation page under this link.

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