Learn how to edit components in Ant Design System for Figma with Figma Tokens plugin.


Ant Design System for Figma’s components has been built with Figma Tokens. Each component uses its own token set that you should edit to make changes to the component. Below you can see an example of how to properly edit the button component. The procedure is the same for other components and tokens.

How to edit components with Figma Tokens?

For example, if you want to change the base height of a button component.

  1. Go to the Button page.
  2. Open the Figma Tokens plugin.
  3. Open the default / components set tab.
  4. Search for ‘btn’ in the search bar.
  5. Find and right-click on the btn.height-base token in the Sizing group and select Edit Token.
  6. Change the value from 32px to for example 36px.
  7. Press the Update button.

After you edit the token, select Apply to document in the bottom-left menu and press the Update button in the Plugin. The plugin will apply your changes to the entire project (the process can take up to 10 minutes).

Components’ typography tokens

To avoid detaching typography styles, all components use the styles that reference the tokens, such as font-family or line-height.base. However, some components should reference their own typography semantic tokens as in the original Ant Design’s .less files. If you want to change the component’s text from a text style to a dedicated token, make sure to detach its style and add the token manually with the Figma Tokens plugin.

How to create new components with Figma Tokens?

If you want to create new components, make sure to use design tokens from default / theme set, it will allow you to stay consistent with Ant Design documentation. You can learn more about how to apply tokens in the official Figma Tokens documentation.

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