December 7, 2022

[Coming soon] Ant Design System for Figma (Ant Design 5.0)

We are working on Ant Design System for Figma based on the new Ant Design 5.0 version. It's coming soon. Learn more details here.

Recently, we’ve received many questions about whether we will release Ant Design System for Figma based on Ant Design 5.0. We are excited to announce that Matt is working on it, and it will probably be available within the next 14 days.

Below you can find some extra details and answers to FAQs about the next update.

Version name

The new UI kit will have the version name set to 5.0 to match to Ant Design versioning to avoid confusion. Some of our customers were confused that version 3.0 is based on version 4.23, so we’ve decided to keep the versioning name equal to the Ant Design of React. So the new version will be Ant Design System for Figma 5.0 (instead of 3.1).

New components

  • new component Tour will be added
  • new component FloatButton will be added


  • the tokens' structure in the Figma Tokens plugin will be updated to match the newly introduced in AntD 5.0 seed, map, and alias tokens.
  • components will be redesigned to match the new version’s components.
  • tokens properties such as border radii, colors, and paddings will be changed to match the new version’s style


We are using Ant Design System for Figma 3.0 (or older). Can we easily switch from 3.0 to 5.0?

There is no easy way because the Tokens structure will be completely new due to the new changes in AntD 5.0 of React. The most recommended way is to stick to your version or start a new project based on v 5.0.

Will Figma Tokens Sync work with the new version?

Not yet. If you want to use Figma Tokens Sync, stick to Ant Design System for Figma 3.0, which is based on version 4.23 of Ant Design of React that is supported.

Ant Design changed the way the entire styling works by introducing css-in-js. We are working on a new script to support this. We will release the next version of Figma Tokens Sync in Q1 2023 to support version 5.0. Everyone who has the Figma Tokens Sync subscription active will receive the new version for free.


How to get the new updates?

After each update you will get an e-mail with the updated files. You can also get the new files via your Gumroad or LemonSqueezy library and through your email with the receipt.

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