January 18, 2024

Ant Design System for Figma 5.13

The Ant Design System for Figma 5.13 includes new Input component, restructured variable collections, updated brand colors, and improved documentation, while the Theme Buddy Plugin now supports the 5.13 version and Compact mode for displaying variable changes.

Ant Design System for Figma

  • Added new component Input / Filled
  • Restructured variable Collections into four groups: “1. Color”, “2. Dimensions”, “3. Typography” and “4. Components”
  • “2. Dimensions” collection now has two modes: “Default” and “Compact” to support the Ant Design’s Compact mode
  • Updated Brand Colors alias variables to match Ant Design 5.13
  • Applied variables to Stroke in components.
  • Applied variables to Effect styles
  • Added new variables for Segmented component: “trackPadding” and “trackBg”
  • Added new variable for Menu component: "darkPopupBg"
  • Updated the documentation for the new collections structure
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Theme Buddy Plugin

  • Updated the plugin to support the Ant Design System for Figma 5.13 version
  • Added support for Compact mode - when Compact mode is selected, the JSON will display changes in variables from Compact mode
  • The default version selected in the plugin is now Ant Design System for Figma 5.13

How to get the new updates?

After each update you will get an e-mail with the updated files. You can also get the new files via your LemonSqueezy account and through your email with the receipt.

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