August 16, 2022

Ant Design System for Figma 2.5

Ant Design System for Figma (version 2.5) takes full advantage of the Figma Tokens plugin, allowing you to change the style of the entire UI kit in a few minutes.

What’s new

  • Added more Figma Tokens support to the Figma tokens plugin
  • Added Text / Base - Regular and Text / Base - Semibold styles
  • Added Text / Small - Regular and Text / Small - Semibold styles
  • Added Text / Large - Regular and Text / Large - Semibold styles
  • Added Title / H1, Title / H2, Title / H3, Title / H4 and Title / H5 styles
  • Added Primary color group that references the Daybreak Blue color group in the Figma tokens plugin
  • Added success-color-outline to Effect Styles
  • Added Figma Tokens automatic documentation feature to the documentation frames in the Documentation page
  • Added Padding tokens to the Spacing documentation frame
  • Added new tutorial: Customize with Figma Tokens

What’s changed

  • Redesigned the Text Styles to match the Ant Design documentation
  • Improved Figma Tokens experience within Ant Design System for Figma
  • Renamed tokens in the Figma Tokens plugin to match the names of the variables in the Ant Design less file
  • Adjusted Figma Tokens accordingly to match the new Text Styles
  • Changed the naming of Effect styles to match Ant Design’s less variables naming

What’s fixed

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

How to get the new updates?

After each update you will get an e-mail with the updated files. You can also get the new files via your Gumroad or LemonSqueezy library and through your email with the receipt.

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