June 24, 2019

Ant Design System for Figma 1.0

The UI kit is released!

Hello World!

Ant Design System for Figma is now available! Create well-documented products in no time. UI Kit built from scratch for Figma based on the popular React UI library - Ant Design.

I'm excited to announce that my newest asset for Figma is now available! The UI kit took me three months of work to build. Time well spent, because it already saved me so much time that I regained the time of building it. It will enable you to work faster while creating desktop apps, style guides, design systems and quick prototypes.

Guaranteed workflow boost

Ant Design UI Kit is a set of ready to use components and styles for Figma. It was built following guidelines of a popular React’s library - Ant Design.

Product, UI / UX Designers

Stop creating the same inputs, buttons, icons and style guides from scratch. Use this large library of UI components and styles to deliver your work faster. You can also customize this UI kit however you want to match your product’s UI style.


Design consistent and accessible interfaces and test how it will look before coding it - without relying on designers. What is more, this UI kit was created following principles of Ant Design React library that has over 48K stars on github!

IT managers / Entrepreneurs

Create MVPs efficiently and save hundreds of hours on UI Design. This is also a great place to start if your product or brand needs a design system. Equip your team with this library in Figma environment and build consistent products faster.


How to get the new updates?

After each update you will get an e-mail with the updated files. You can also get the new files via your LemonSqueezy account and through your email with the receipt.

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Speed up your design and development process

Stop wasting time on creating everything from scratch for every new project you start. Use pixel-perfect and handcrafted elements to design and implement your next Ant Design app efficiently.