Figma Component


A spinner for displaying loading state of a page or a section.

What is Figma Spin?

Figma Spin is a versatile component that allows designers to create animated spinners or loading indicators for their design projects. In Figma, components provide a convenient way to reuse and customize spinners across different screens and frames, ensuring a consistent loading experience throughout the design.

When to Use Spin Component?

The Spin component is used when designers need to indicate loading or processing status in an application or website. It is commonly used during data retrieval, content loading, or any other process that might take some time. By incorporating the Spin component, designers can provide users with visual feedback, assuring them that the system is working and preventing confusion or frustration.

How to Design Spin Component?

Designing a Spin component in Figma involves creating a series of animation frames or keyframes that form a spinning or rotating motion. Choose the appropriate style and size of the spinner to match the overall design aesthetics. Ensure that the animation is smooth and not overly distracting. Test the spinner in action to make sure it conveys the loading status effectively and blends well with the design.

How Spin Component is Designed in Ant Design System for Figma?

The Spin component is thoughtfully integrated into the Ant Design System for Figma, which extends the Ant Design principles and components into the Figma environment. By utilizing the Ant Design System for Figma, designers gain access to pre-designed spinner styles that align with the Ant Design philosophy. This integration ensures that designers can efficiently implement spinners into their projects, maintaining design consistency and adhering to the Ant Design principles.

What is Ant Design System for Figma?

Ant Design System for Figma is a comprehensive design resource that incorporates the Ant Design principles and components into the Figma environment. It enables designers to work seamlessly with the Ant Design system directly within Figma, making the design process smoother and more efficient. By using the Ant Design System for Figma, designers gain access to a wide range of components, styles, and icons, including the popular Spin component, all of which help maintain design consistency and accelerate the creation of high-quality user interfaces.

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