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Data Entry


Component that allows users to input numerical values in a controlled and user-friendly manner.

What is Figma InputNumber?

The Figma InputNumber is a UI component that allows users to input numerical values in a controlled and user-friendly manner. It typically consists of an input field with up and down arrows, enabling users to increase or decrease the numeric value within specified limits.

When to Use InputNumber Component?

The InputNumber component is useful in various scenarios where numeric input is required, such as in forms, data input fields, and settings panels. It ensures that users provide valid numeric values and helps prevent errors or inconsistencies in the data input.

How to Design InputNumber Component?

When designing the InputNumber component, consider providing clear labels or hints to indicate the purpose of the input. The component should accept both manual input and support arrow-based adjustments for convenience. Ensure that the allowed numeric range and the increment or decrement step are clearly defined and visually represented.

How InputNumber Component is Designed in Ant Design System for Figma?

In the Ant Design System for Figma, the InputNumber component is thoughtfully designed to meet various numerical input needs. It includes customizable styles, such as input field size, color, and arrows. Additionally, it adheres to the overall design language of the Ant Design system, ensuring consistency and a cohesive user experience.

What is Ant Design System for Figma?

Ant Design System for Figma is a comprehensive design resource that incorporates the Ant Design principles and components into the Figma environment. It enables designers to work seamlessly with the Ant Design system directly within Figma, making the design process smoother and more efficient. By using the Ant Design System for Figma, designers gain access to a wide range of components, styles, and icons, including the popular InputNumber component, all of which help maintain design consistency and accelerate the creation of high-quality user interfaces.

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