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Display multiple read-only fields in groups.

What is Figma Descriptions?

The Figma Descriptions component is a powerful tool for displaying additional information about various elements in a design. It allows designers to provide context, explanations, or instructions related to specific UI elements, helping stakeholders and developers better understand the design's functionality and purpose. Descriptions are often shown as tooltips or pop-up boxes when users hover over or interact with elements.

When to Use Descriptions Component?

The Descriptions component is valuable in situations where you want to communicate more details about elements within the design without cluttering the interface. It is commonly used for form fields, icons, buttons, or any interactive elements that may require additional context or explanations.

How to Design Descriptions Component?

To design the Descriptions component, consider creating a visually unobtrusive and intuitive way for users to access the additional information. Typically, designers use tooltips or pop-ups that appear when users hover over an element or click on a specific icon. The content within the descriptions should be concise, relevant, and easy to read.

How Descriptions Component is Designed in Ant Design System for Figma?

In the Ant Design System for Figma, the Descriptions component is designed to follow the Ant Design principles, ensuring consistency and usability. The Ant Design System provides guidelines for creating informative and accessible descriptions that seamlessly integrate into the overall design language.

What is Ant Design System for Figma?

Ant Design System for Figma is a comprehensive design resource that incorporates the Ant Design principles and components into the Figma environment. It enables designers to work seamlessly with the Ant Design system directly within Figma, making the design process smoother and more efficient. By using the Ant Design System for Figma, designers gain access to a wide range of components, styles, and icons, including the popular Descriptions component, all of which help maintain design consistency and accelerate the creation of high-quality user interfaces.

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